Get To Know the Man Behind the Inventions


I am Josh Bruno, the owner of JBruno & Associates, LLC.

My favorite quote: "Life is a series of challenges to be met and mastered"!

I am deeply into innovation, delivering new devices/equipment that cause the population to feel, “Wow, how come nobody ever thought of this?” My mind is primarily in search of some new assistive device for those with limited physical mobility. It is often the case that people have no idea the need exists until they are presented with a solution!

Invention is a HARD field. I think it is something that is within us, and nothing else can fill that void. I’ve been inventing since my childhood, although I had no idea what I was doing. I remember building a turn table with wood, and at that final stage, when I really recorded on my turn table, which I was turning with a handle, I was so disappointed when I lowered the arm with the needle from my mother’s sewing kit attached, and there was no sound! From that point on, I was always building something.

As is the case with most people, I was navigated through life by an invisible hand. After high school, I did my 20 years in the US Air Force, 12 of those years stationed in England. I got my bachelor’s degree while on active duty in Industrial Technology, minor in business administration, in 1984.

After retiring from the Air Force in 1993, employers were not interested in industrial technology people. Being a veteran with a service-connected disability, I used a VA program for my associate degree in Biomedical Equipment Repair and Maintenance Technician (BMET). I had a job perhaps three months prior to graduation.

I retired from the workforce in 2014. I am now focused on inventions, and I am now at that point whereby I am launching my very first invention, Scooter Tow Bar! This is my beginning. I am living my life. I envy those that knew what they wanted to be since childhood; such people never work a day in their lives!


Our Business Model

We do not sell to individuals; we only sell in full shipping container loads to businesses that supply the end user!