Get To Know the Man Behind the Inventions


Josh Bruno,  owner of : JBruno & Associates, LLC.

My favorite quote: "Life is a series of challenges to be met and mastered"!

I am deeply into innovations, delivering new products that cause the population to feel, “Wow, how come nobody ever thought of this?” !

You've heard the saying, "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!", no truer words were ever spoken! When I was a child, I remember building a turntable out of wood, using a pin needle for the needle, spinning the table and wondering why there was no sound!

Inventions is a HARD field, only 2% of inventions ever get to market. I think it is something that is within us, and nothing else can fill that void. I’ve been inventing since my childhood, although I had no idea what I was doing. I remember building a turn table out of wood, and at that final stage, I was so disappointed when I lowered the arm with the needle from my mother’s sewing kit attached, and there was no sound! From that point on, I was always building something.

As is the case with so many people, I was navigated through life by an invisible force. After high school, I did my 20 years in the US Air Force, 12 of those years stationed in England. I got my bachelor’s degree while on active duty in Industrial Technology, with a minor in business administration, graduated in 1984. The plan was to get a commission but I came to realize being an officer simply did not fit my personality!

After retiring from the Air Force in 1993, employers were not interested in industrial technology people. Being a veteran with a service-connected disability, I used a VA program for my associate degree in Biomedical Equipment Repair and Maintenance Technician (BMET)  and had a job perhaps three months prior to graduation.

I retired from the workforce in 2014, I am now focused on inventions! I am using this platform to showcase some of my patented and patent pending inventions:

1. 'Scooter-Tow-Bar' - Mobility scooter users are now able to tow a full-size shopping cart while shopping!

2. 'Knee Guard' - Toprevent those devastating knee injuries we see in the game of football!

3. 'CO2 Capture and Disposal' - To capture and dispose of CO2 in the atmosphere!

4. 'Self-Cleaning-Toilet' - Intented to replace Public Facility Toilets, performs a car-wash style cleaning after each use!

5. 'Text-in-Color' - A phone App that works the same as the native texting platform on our phones with one difference, with 'Text-in-Color' the user can set: font size, font color, font style, highlight color, background color, or select one of many background templates rather than using a background color!