Pallet Load

Pallet load cost = Number of units X unit cost

Unit Cost: $75.00    Number of Units: 55 Units     Pallet Load cost: 55 x 75 = $4,125


Please note: Due to this being a product coming to market for the first time, for the first few to place an order, there will be a delay of up to 6 weeks to receive your order. The manufacturer has to do a one-time tooling process that takes about 4 weeks, once this is done, lead time for manufacturing will be 2 weeks, shipment from China to your delivery address should take 15 to 25 days!

How To Request Quote

  1. Please enter the number of containers being ordered
  2. Click “Request Quote”
  3. Confirm order details
  4. Enter in your contact information and company details
  5. Within 24-48 hours you will receive cost details via email with a link to complete purchase.